MakerSpace Prototype for the Swiss School System
"Digital literacy" is an important prerequisite for life in the society of tomorrow. In addition to productive and critically reflective skills in dealing with digital media, this also includes non-automatable skills such as creativity, problem-solving and collaboration.
In this cooperation project of the University of Education Thurgau and the FHS St.Gallen, University of Applied Sciences, the "maker approach" is transferred from the extracurricular area to the elementary school. Inclination-oriented and creative puzzling, which combines digital and analogue methods, is combined with the teaching of media and computer skills in the sense of curriculum 21. Students make the step from user to prod-user of products. They use digital and media technologies and apply them practically in their own inventions.
At a pilot school, a MakerSpace is set up together with local teachers and operated in interdisciplinary learning arrangements. The events in the first year of operation are accompanied by the project team and evaluated in relation to the project goals.
My role: Project support and consulting, teacher training on MakerSpace topics like
- 3d Printing
- Stop Motion Animation
- Mobile Filmmaking
- Electronics, Motors & Mechanics
- Arduino, Little Bit's & Raspberry Pi
- Design Thinking & DIY
- Rapid Prototyping, Teamwork & iterative Design
- Laser & Plotting 
- CNC Machine

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